Rudy Gobert visits Saint John the Baptist Elementary

Kudos to Saint John the Baptist Elementary's students for being recognized as a Top Ten school in the "Be a Team Player - Read!" Contest. The Utah Jazz and Scholastic Book Fairs have formed a partnership with Russell’s Ice Cream, Med One Capital, the Daily Council of Utah & Nevada, and Papa John’s to promote literacy in schools throughout Utah. Saint John the Baptist Elementary achieved "Top Ten" status by being one of ten schools with the highest average minutes read per students. This is sixth time the students have achieved “Top Ten” status, enjoying visits from Deron Williams, Raja Bell, Big Al Jefferson, Gordon Hayward and Trey Burke.

In February 2016, Rudy Gobert, the French center — nicknamed "the Stifle Tower" visited Saint John the Baptist Elementary for a reading assembly and played a spirited game of "lightning" with selected 4th and 5th Graders.

Rudy Gobert

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