School Board

Saint John the Baptist Elementary shares a School Board with Saint John the Baptist Middel School. The Board is a non-grievance consultative board made up of the administration, education experts and dedicated parents who advise the administration in the areas of policy and long-range planning. The Board meets monthly during the school year to discuss goals, plans and activities of the schools and advise where appropriate. Parents of enrolled students are welcome to attend Board meetings. However, requests for inclusion on the agenda must be submitted to one of the principals (Jim Markosian or Nikki Ward) or the School Board President (Devon Novara) at least seven days in advance.

School Board Members

Skaggs Catholic Center Administration

  • Cynthia Burchett
  • Patrick Reeder
  • Dave Simpson
  • Nevah Stevenson
  • Jean Synowicki
  • Mrs. Ward

Parent/Community Representatives

  • Devon Novara
  • Tim Carr (Vice President)
  • Jared Fields (Secretary)
  • Kristie Blasingim
  • Michelle Cameron
  • Nanette Stoback
  • Beau J. White
  • Michael Wigton